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Sign Repair

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Custom Projects

We repair and service all kinds of signs from digital, monument and pole/pylon and more to LED retrofits

Typically, the more contemporary signs installed today are constructed of materials and parts that are longer lasting and more robust, requiring much less service and repair. However, signs that have been around for a while can need much more in the way of repairs and service to keep them in top condition.

Older Neon Light displays especially require frequent repairs, and more and more business owners are choosing to either purchase a new sign or retro-fit their current Neon or Fluorescent Signs with the new LED lighting which is more dependable and requires less maintenance as well as uses significantly less energy to operate, lowering your energy cost.

Sometimes signs are damaged by acts of nature or accidents, these repairs/replacements are often covered under your insurance policy and we can work to help you get those repairs/replacements completed.

Sign Repair, Service and Installation
Sign Repair, Service and Installation

Professional sign repairs performed promptly and safely

Whether you need a digital board replaced or need a repair made to an existing sign structure, call The Sign Exchange to arrange service and/or repair to your existing sign.

Servicing all types of signs:

– Monument signs
– Building Signs
– Lit/Non-lit Signs
– Pole Mounted/Pylon Signs
– LED Signs
– Way-finding and Directional Signage
– Digital Signs
– Customized Signs
…and much more


We offer installation on large projects such as Murals or other large (or even small) installations for Government, company or organizations.

We install our own or can install when a job is too large for your association, we will be happy to look at your project and help you decide your next step.

Sign Repair, Service and Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer sign repair?2018-07-26T18:34:48+00:00

We offer sign repair on almost any sign, whether we installed it, or it has been in place for a while. We will work with you to come up with the right solution.

Do you Install signs that were produced by someone else?2018-07-26T18:31:51+00:00

We can install virtually any sign, even if it was made by someone else. Give us a call and we will discuss the details.

Do you Service signs that were installed by someone else?2018-07-26T18:31:17+00:00

We will take a look at your sign and if we are able to service it, we definitely will.

Do you Service your own signs?2018-07-26T18:30:29+00:00

We offer a basic one year service warranty on all signs that we make and install.

Do you Install Signs that you did not make?2018-07-17T21:23:17+00:00

If it’s a sign that we did not produce, we will confer to assess whether or not it is viable for us to install, we will install when it is possible.

Do you Install Signs?2018-07-17T21:22:53+00:00

Yes, we install Signs that we produce.

Can you repair an existing sign?2018-07-17T21:22:30+00:00

Yes, we can repair signs that were installed by other companies and that are pre-existing.

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The “Sign Exchange” were referred to me from a client at my salon. With hesitation I seek them out and it was the best decision I did for my NEW salon! I was in a hurry to get a sign up quick, but also look very nice. Cheryl was more than accommodating. Text after text and phone call after phone call bothering her to make it right, she AMAZED ME!!! It was perfect! Installation was reasonable and put together very nicely. Could not ask for a better place to work with. Definitely recommend to others.

Amy Jo Siebert, Hidden Beauty Salon, Batesville, IN
Rick Pieper

I’m a musician with The Butler County Militia. We needed a banner to display while we played. We were hoping for something original looking and with a little flash. Being typical musicians, we waited until the last possible moment. We contacted The Sign Exchange and asked if they could help. They had a number of designs drawn up for us in no time, and had very valuable suggestions with what would work best on stage. After we decided on a design, they had it ready for us extremely quick! The banner is amazing and hangs at every show. We highly recommend them for any type of signage you may need!!

Rick Pieper, Butler County Militia
Wildman's Archery

The owners of Sign Exchange, Cheryl and Leon Boggs were so professional and easy to work with that it made us have one less thing to worry about. They had a fast turn around with quality that meets what we call AWESOMENESS!!!!! They showed us other signage things that they could do for our business. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’ll be back!” Thanks again Cheryl for your awesome customer service!!

Wildman's Archery

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Buying a sign is an essential part of every business. Whether it is at the start of your business, you are replacing a sign or even re-branding, it is a decision that can affect the identity of your company brand.
At The Sign Exchange we can help you through each step of that process from design to the final product.